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The secret of smart torrent search

Wanted: a particular video, Mp3 or software program as a free torrent download. The problem with torrent search engines is they are necessarily based on a limited database of torrents. The dozens of torrent search engines that have sprouted up in the wake of the success of Bram Cohen's .torrent protocol are not the smart way to find torrents to download - Google is. The search box below reveals a big difference between large torrent search engines and advanced Google search. Search for "Nine Inch Nails" and isoHunt reports 5140 results, the Pirate Bay 6180, BTJunkie 235, but Google 37.400! (add +torrent to refine the search) This Software4Free Torrent Search pulls together results from (amongs others),,,,,,, and
Try it for yourself: In the Software4free search box below, compare a Google web search with three of the largest torrent search engines: isoHunt, the Pirate Bay and BTJunkie.
Torrent Search

Use "Web", type your search term and add +torrent. Google will deliver the largest number of results from across all torrent and torrent search sites. Select the buttons for specialised search engines isoHunt, the Pirate Bay and BTJunkie to compare.

add +torrent when using »Web to get filtered results from,,,,,,, and and several other torrent search engines
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Bram Cohen
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The torrent protocol is the brainchild of programmer Bram Cohen, who designed it in April 2001.
It is now maintained by Cohen's company BitTorrent.