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google earthGoogle Earth for Mac

  You can download Google Earth for Macintosh from the Google Earth website..
Google Earth for Mac is available as a free download. With this program, Mac users can engage in the immersive mapping experience that Google Earth affords.
Available in beta for OSX, Google Earth for Mac offers the same features as the PC version of Google Earth, including animated driving directions, zoom in and out capabilities, 3D images of buildings and landscapes, panning features, et al.

The system requirements for the Google Earth Mac application are Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger), 1.5GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, and 2GB of free disk space.

Google Earth for Mac is downloadable from Google Earth Plus and Google Earth Pro are not yet available for Mac.

Google Earth for Mac screenshots:

google earth for mac            google earth for mac
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Google for Macintosh mac logo
google mac
Claims have been made that Google is "Windows-centric". The release of Google Earth for Mac, Sketchup and Picasa has put paid to some of those concerns; how about other Google products - are they Mac-friendly?
  • Search: yes.
    Google Search, along with all its other online services, is available to Macintosh users. There is also a special Mac Search page .
  • Google Desktop: unnecessary. Macintosh users have access to Dashboard and Spotlight desktop search.
  • Google Toolbar: unnecessary. Safari has the Google search box built in, and the full Google Toolbar is available in Firefox:
  • Are Other Google Tools Mac-friendly?
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Apart from a few tools that are of minor interest to Mac users because there are free alternatives available on the Macintosh platform, Google's products are provided for both operating systems. The conclusion has to be that Google is extremely Mac-friendly and the company is to be applauded for making its quality software available to Macintosh users within a short time after the Windows release.

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