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Watch Free Intenet TV

free internet tvThrow away the TV remote ... Free Internet TV gives you complete control over what to watch - in your own time. . has selected some the top sites, rated for channel selection HD quality and download speed. The free internet tv site is our favorites for its wide range of easily accessible quality content, along with Hulu (which is USA only) and Miro.

The free Internet TV site features hundreds of free TV channels of top quality. It offers a wide choice of show episodes, movies, news, sports, lifestyle and entertainment channels.

Showwwtime uses a unique menu to take you directly to hundreds of channels, including full HD, whole episodes of free TV series and great programming by major broadcasters. The editorial team calls it "the Internet TV experience you've been waiting for......."

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imvite Hulu™ is a USA-only web service built to stream TV and video free to users. All Hulu™ content is entirely legal and all content has been licensed from the copyright holders. It is funded by Internet advertising, which is displayed in short clips at the start of the video or during viewing.  
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Miro is an open source and free Internet TV and video player.
Miro was originally named "Democracy" and is open source software, which means it will continue to be free and supported , make playlists, stay organized.

  • Get Internet TV Shows Subscribe to any video RSS feed, podcast, or video blog. Explore hundreds of free channels with the built-in Channel Guide.
  • Search YouTube Download and save videos from YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, and other sites.
  • High Definition and Fullscreendemocracy

  • The Channel Guide greets you when Miro starts up. The Channel Guide is an open listing of free online TV channels-- video podcasts (also known as "vodcasts"), vlogs, and more.

    And then of course there is.....
    YouTube, the most popular free video sharing Web site. It lets users upload, view, and share video clips. Users have uploaded many TV programs, but the copyright issues still have to be sorted out by new owner Google. A clear negative in terms of viewer experience is that the picture quality is mixed, often inferior. YouTube uses Flash technology, because it is preinstalled on over 90% of computers. It means that the videos will play without the user first having to download video software.
    YouTube won't let you download video to your computer, but there are ways to do it: how to download YouTube videos.

    For a more sophisticated video sharing service, check out It contains quality video by independent professionel or semi-professional video producers. Award winning. For background information, read the blog