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Free IMVU creditsimvu credits

imvuIMVU credits can be obtained legally in a variety of ways. Don't bother with cheats and hacks- you will get only your account suspended or lose your money in a scam. Of course you could buy credits, from IMVU or imvux or any of the many credits resellers. However, there are other ways to legally obtain free IMVU credits: we outline them below.
Earn IMVU credits

imvu credits

earn imvu credits

my yearbook

Thousands of free IMVU credits are available from IMVU or their partners in exchange for you filling in a form, signing up to a program or promoting IMVU. It can be quite lucrative to join one of these programs and earn lots of IMVU credits.  Some examples:

  • Verify Your Email
    You earn 500 credits when you click on the link in the email IMVU sends you after registration. You can even resend your email now and earn the credits.
  • Refer a Friend
    Invite your friends to join IMVU and receive free 1500 credits when they become members
  • Promote Your Coupon Code
    Create your own coupon code and share it with friends. They save $10 with any $50 purchase, and you earn 1,000 credits every time your coupon is used.
  • Like IMVU on Facebook
    You earn 500 credits when you Like IMVU on Facebook.
  • Join myYearbook
    and earn 500 credits.
  • Join "Creator" Program
    Earn credits when you sell one of your products. Being a "Creator" is very challenging but can be rewarding. If you're successful, you could earn unlimited amounts of credits. See below for more on the "Creator" program..
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Complete an IMVU partner offer

Partner offer

Another way to earn credits through IMVU is to complete a partner offer. You can earn up to thousands of credits per offer. Offers are updated very frequently, so it is easy to miss out. You need to check back often to find something you like that's available.
Become an IMVU creator
imvu creator

Becoming an IMVU Creator means build a brand and earning credits by making your own products in the IMVU catalog. IMVU supplies the basic tools. If you have no experience with 3D programs yet, you will learn as you go. It seriously is a lot of fun. Check out's free 3d software page to get an idea of how these programs work. IMVU uses Autodesk 3ds Max.oraclegoddess

What is the IMVU Creator Program?
You earn credits and build up your own retail empire as you learn industry standard tools and receive validation for your work. You will gain experience and status as you create products for IMVU members all over the world.

Make your own products
Create your own original designs and start profiting from your efforts. Become a better artist and learn how to start a small business. You can begin small and graduate from simple Stickers, and clothing textures, to 3D Rooms, Furniture and even Flash scripted games. If you don't see what you want in the catalog, just make your own.

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Imvux - - is a part of VBUX Inc. which was founded by IMVU member developers KittenKat and tjjfv. Imvux is not affiliated with IMVU Inc. You can save quite a lot of money and support developers when you buy IMVU credits through Imvux.

Imvux seems to offer IMVU credits at a considerable discount to the IMVU price, but the price you pay changes often, so check and compare first.