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Free Fantasy Football

fantasy football Software4free handpicks and tests the best free software programs available. Free Fantasy Football is best played online, without downloading any software, and with all the stats at your fingertips. We present a number of free fantasy football choices here, and two recommendations: Yahoo Fantasy Football and Fox Fantasy Football .
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Yahoo Football
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Fox Fantasy Football
Fox Fantasy Football

Fox Fantasy Footballl
Fox Fantasy Football is a complete FF package which ties together TV, the Internet and powerful free online software. It is 100% free and features
  • Live scoring for every Team and League
  • Expert Analysis and Draft Kit
  • Private and Public Leagues
  • Customizable League settings
  • Customizable Scoring options
  • Live draft application
  • League Message Boards
  • Customizable Alerts Yahoo Fantasy Football
Your Team Home Page is mission control for everything from setting your weekly lineup, viewing stats and checking out your current and projected record.
Yahoo Fantasy Football
Yahoo Fantasy Football

Yahoo Fantasy Football
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Yahoo Fantasy Football is a rapidly growing site for free fantasy football.
Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football is live and features
  • Play for free
  • Your league, your way -- control scoring, rosters and more
  • Basic Commissioner Controls
  • Live Online Drafts
  • League Communication Tools
  • Public and custom leagues available Yahoo Fantasy Football
  • You need to have a Yahoo! ID to play. http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/Signing up is free, and quick., so you can get in the game straigth away.
  • offers reliable live drafting, custom league settings and real time stats.
  • You can play the original free fantasy football game and find out what all the hype is about. You have the option of Customize scoring live stats for a small fee, or:
  • For the serious player, who is dedicated and demands intense competition, Fantasy Football PLUS is a fee-based service.
FFTODAY.COMwindows logo
free fantasy football FFTODAY.COM provides updated fantasy football and NFL information for free. It is one of the largest sources of Fantasy Football information and has stats, rankings/projections, a large archive of articles, tools, news and NFL resources.
The "My FFtoday" page lets you create your own league profile and track players.
The FFtoday Forum is a lively football community. Unfortunately, the bad language and sexist comments often distract from the good information on a wide range of football topics.
Fantasy Football League Organizerwindows logo
free fantasy football
FFL Organizer

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Fantasy Football League Organizer Software is a unique package to help you play free fantasy football. It has many powerful features, yet it is available as a free download. Fantasy CompuSports make their money by selling the add-on Quick Stats Service, but the software is fully functional without it. Like all software4free.org recommendations, it is 100% free.

Classic FFLO Features:

  • League/team management for head-to-head type play.
  • Up to 24 fantasy teams per league.
  • Flexible rosters and lineups - supports any number of players per team/lineup.
  • Player database includes quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, kickers, defenses and coaches.
  • Flexible scoring allows you to use any combination of scoring categories .
  • League draft function helps you execute a smooth, efficient draft with player & team rosters. .
  • Print concise league reports, rosters, and schedules.
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Yahoo Fantasy Football There simply are no other free fantasy football software programs available. Software4free does not review demos, so instead we have listed a few great fantasy football league resources that will help you with
  • fantasy football cheat sheets
  • fantasy football drafts
  • fantasy football ranking
  • fantasy football teams
  • fantasy football picks
About.com has excellent and up to date articles on fantasy football, as well as cheat sheets, strategy, leagues, teams and rumors. We recommend it, but the best site is:
Fantasy Football Toolbox
Yahoo Fantasy Football

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Another great resource is the 100% free Fantasy Football Toolbox from www.fftoolbox.com . It contains a rich banquet of free fantasy football information:

FFToolbox provides you with excellent fantasy footballl information at no cost. It offers free customized fantasy football cheat sheets, drafting tips, NFL news & rumors, keepers, sleepers, rookie rankings, mock drafts results, fantasy advice, fantasy picks, auction info, forums and anything else that will help answer "Who should I draft?"
Last year they introduced free customized draft cheatsheets and rankings. Over 100,000 FFtoolbox.com registered users have used these to help decide who to draft. They are 100% free and you can save your settings online.
Fantasy Info already available this year includes: free agent / contract year players list and a "How to Play Fantasy Football" section packed with tips, strategies and advice for new players and veterans alike. Mock Draft Results, Sleepers, Busts, Keepers, Rookies, etc. During the season, FFtoolbox.com have weekly fantasy football cheat sheets / rankings, NFL News and Rumors and information to help answer your who to start and who to bench questions.
The NFL draft section includes a 2006 NFL mock draft and hundreds of player profiles.